Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Jihadists Released Because They "Repented"

I don't know about you, but the "repenting" and promising not to carry out terror attacks in Saudi doesn't really comfort me...and doesn't do anything for the UK and the US...

"...Saudi Arabia, waging a crackdown on Islamist militants that has lasted for more than four years, has released some 1,500 jailed suspects after they "repented," a newspaper said on Sunday. The 1,500 were among about 3,200 militants with whom representatives of a government-appointed "advice committee" met around 5,000 times since it was formed three years ago, Al-Watan said, quoting committee member Mohammad al-Nujaimi.

The paper did not clarify if the remaining 1,700 detainees had refused to renounce the ideology of "taqfir" - branding other Muslims as apostates or infidels in order to legitimize violence against them.

The ideology is espoused by some militants who advocate the use of force to overthrow regimes deemed corrupt or unrepresentative and to establish a single Islamic state.

Nujaimi said the 1,500 militants who changed their views had renounced Saudi-born Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden's call on his followers to "cleanse the Arabian Peninsula of polytheists." (source)

Since Bush felt comfortable enough to walk hand in hand with the Prince, I think he needs to rethink ans re-discuss their role as our "ally" and change a lot of the b.s.. Of course, if we could just drill (a tiny footprint) in ANWAR and build our own refineries we wouldn't have to cater to these kooks to begin with...

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