Monday, November 05, 2007

Illegals and the Resurgence of TB

There is an article on World net Daily about Wayne Farms LLC (owned by one of the largest chicken processors in the US) employees testing positive for TB at an alarming percentage...212 workers out of 765.

The article goes on to reiterate how so many illegals pouring through our borders have brought back diseases that were virtually eradicated here years ago. Diseases doctors often miss because they haven't seen them in their lifetime.

"...Stan Hayman, sales and marketing director for Wayne Farms, told the Decatur Daily the company had offered to reimburse the state for the measures taken at the plant.

Jones, who noted his office has only two X-ray technicians in the Division of TB Control to cover the entire state, said the offer was appreciated, but "if Wayne Farms is interested in investing something, my recommendation to them would be to invest within their own facility to establish a pre-employment screening routine.

"If their intent is to invest, I wish they'd think about ways they can invest toward the future as opposed to reimbursing for a one-time event."

Hayman earlier told Huntsville's WHNT-TV News the company was looking for ways to pre-test employees before they're hired but said the law imposed limits on what could be done.

"The laws today don't truly allow for pre-employment screening. You know HIV and all of these over the years have built cases where personal information is very guarded," he said. "So we struggle a little bit with the laws today to say can we truly implement a pre-screening, pre-employment process." (source)

I guess maybe the laws on this differ from Pennsylvania to Alabama because I was required to have a TB test before I started teaching...along with a criminal history check and a child abuse history check. The Man had all that and fingerprinting.

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