Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Hollywood Rebuttal: Finally A Pro-Military Movie
God and Country

"Hollywood and the major media continue their assault on our troops:
William Arkin of the Washington Post called the US Military "mercenaries" in a recent Op-Ed piece on the paper's website.

Brian DePalma's film "Redacted" portrays the troops as psychotic rapists and murders. There have been over 1.5 million Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan, yet he and his producers spend millions on a movie about four criminals in the ranks. This is nothing new. Twenty years ago, DePalma portrayed American soldiers in Viet Nam as rapists and murderers in "Casualties of War."

The feature film "In the Valley of Elah" depicts US soldiers as blood-thirsty thugs.
Sean Penn, Danny Glover and Kevin Spacey have visited dictator Hugo Chavez, (ally of Iran, Cuba, and North Korea,) but have never visited our injured troops at Walter Reed Hospital.

Lt. Michael Murphy, a US Navy SEAL killed in Afghanistan, was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for sacrificing his life to save his men. The ceremony was virtually ignored by several of the country's largest and most influential media outlets.

Musician David Crosby recently implied that US troops are brainwashed murderers: “... he goes over and he finds out the job is killing somebody else’s mother and sister.”

"Stop Loss", another feature film from Hollywood, implies that soldiers who refuse to serve are the real heroes." (movie website)

Scott Mactavish, Navy Veteran and "former Hollywood insider", wants to tell the other side truth and let Americans hear the "Untold Stories of the American military."

This DVD will be available December 15th and is now available for preorder on the website.

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