Monday, November 12, 2007

From the Blogroll: Things You Shouldn't Miss

  • Newsbusters points out that after previous snubs of both Veterans' Day and Memorial Day, Google finally acknowledged Veterans' Day in their logo yesterday:
    Google Holiday Logo Decorations
    Newsbusters previous call for military holiday recognition by Google.

  • I know some of you here are Ron Paul supporters (?!)...Zombie gives you a look at your fellow supporters. Be afraid, be very afraid. I am.

  • The Rotti has a live chat feature now. Wow, that could be dangerous --and addictive (though i think more than one of you have already been banned from their site! LOL)

  • AFSister has a great YouTube video up and introduces us to Sgt. Freedom:

    The Sgt.'s "About Me" qualifications
    Sgt. thanks for taking the rant out of our mouths. AFSis thinks she's in love, but she might have to fight me for him... ;) (Yeah, you probably shouldn't listent o this at work unless you have a pair of headphones...but make sure to listen once you get home!!!)

  • Common Folk Using Common Sense has a URL posted that allows you to test your site's "readability". I got High School level -- Hey, didn't I read that the NYT is written on a 7th grade level? That would be Middle School. There you have it, Blonde Sagacity & Common Folk Using Common Sense both more intellectual than the NYT! But, Dana's blog is college level reading!);)
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  • Hummers & Cigarettes has a pretty funny political joke posted...Jesus, a Republican, a Libertarian and a Democrat walk into a dinner....

  • From the left: Honest Partisan weighs in on the Pat Robertson endorsement of Giuliani, which is good because I'm losing heart with the primary campaigning already.

  • Two new(er) additions to the blogroll are:
    Cullen at Half a Pica Distance who (like me) is lamenting the dying off of the dead trees. I know the inkies are mostly wrought with group-think, left-leaning bias...but a computer can never replace leafing through the paper with a Starbuck's Verona.
    Twisted Chick (Bibi) whose writing is effortlessly funny. A trait I find seriously lacking in the blogosphere. Like this post: Black and White or this one (which is what made me start reading her...and those that know me realize that's saying a lot because I am normally not a fan of personal blogs)
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