Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Diabetes Awareness Month

All for One...One for AllDiabetes is a disease that I know I will have one day. Not only do I already have a pre-diabetic condition, but both my mom and grandmom suffer with the diagnosis. One of my contacts on Flickr posted this picture yesterday (two of his children have Type 1 Diabetes) with a link to his wife's website. She makes the "rescue Me" ID bracelets pictured.

I decided to highlight this page not only because November is diabetes awareness month but because allergies are also on the rise and the medic alert bracelets at the pharmacy are either too cheap and ugly or look too much like regular bracelets and might be overlooked by EMTs. Her site features many "cool" and more visible alternatives to the medic alert bracelets and necklaces of yesteryear.

I wear a "penicillin allergy" bracelet that I ended up getting made at the jeweler, but I might have to get a few of these...

Rescue Me IDs

(Photo Credit: Skasper)

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