Monday, November 05, 2007

Can Boobs Triumph Over Bombs?

I realize there's controversy there about the government using taxpayer monies to finance bikini girl commercials, but what else could erase the images of civilians being blown up in pizza palours and coffee shops by Muslims in keffiyehs... The girls of the Israeli Army are hot --might as well capitalize on it. There's a reason why the Israeli side is lush, green and prosperous and the "Palestinian" side is a barren sand box.

Speaking of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict...there a documentary currently on HBO called To Die in Jerusalem. It's about two teenage girl -a (beautiful) Palestinian homicide bomber and the Israeli girl she blew up in her misguided killing. Definitely worth the time invested to watch it, but it solidifies what I said a week or so ago...there will NEVER be peace there. (Documentary synopsis)

Lastly, I keep seeing all these pictures on Flickr that say "We are all Palestinians." What the hell does that mean? I am certainly NOT a Palestinian. I always want to write that in the comments under the picture, but one thing I've enjoyed about Flickr is I've been keeping it relatively politics-free. When people start remembering that Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and Egypt "Stole" more land from the "Palestinians" than tiny little Israel, maybe I'll start listening to the other side...

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