Saturday, November 10, 2007

Band of Bloggers

If you missed "Band of Bloggers" on the History Channel last night, you can catch a rerun this weekend:

Saturday, November 10 12:00 AM
Monday, November 12 12:00 PM
Monday, November 12 06:00 PM

For some reason you can't find a list of the MilBloggers featured anywhere online -so these are the ones I recognized. I missed the beginning, so I'm not even sure if the special ever told what their blog names were.

COLBY BUZZELL (CBFTW), My War: Killing Time in Iraq (my Blogfather)
SEAN DUSTMAN, The awesome Doc in the Box

Chris Missick, A Line in the Sand
Rusten Currie, Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum
GI Kate (My Space)
Paul Rieckhoff, Chasing Ghosts
Edouard Gluck

(Photo: yeah, a little name photo and CBFTW)
(H/T: Liz for calling me to remind me it was on!)

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