Wednesday, November 07, 2007

American Family Association: Stop Acting Like the Left!!!

"...Dozens of anti-pornography groups asked the U.S. Congress to force the Pentagon to keep sexually related material from being sold in military stores.

Pornographic material was banned from being sold in military establishments nearly 10 years ago, but Christian group American Family Association claimed that adult fare, including Penthouse and Playboy material, is still being sold in the stores, USA Today reported Monday. The Pentagon deemed those materials aren't explicit enough to pull from its stores.

"They're saying 'we're not selling stuff that's sexually explicit' -- and we say it's pornography," Donald Wildmon, head of the American Family Association, told USA Today.

A letter-writing campaign launched Friday aimed to convince Congress to "get the Pentagon to obey the law," he added.

The Military Honor and Decency Act of 1996 is supposed to bar "sexually explicit material" from being sold in stores on military bases, the newspaper said. It defines porn as "the dominant theme of which depicts or describes nudity" or sexual activities "in a lascivious way." (source)

This group has nothing better to do? No bigger issues? If YOU think Playboy is wrong...don't buy it or read/look at it. It's really just that simple. These aren't subsidized magazines paid for with taxpayer dollars (at least to my knowledge). These men (and women) are trained and willing to take bullets for America's freedom and you seek to limit that freedom? Stop acting like the left, pull yourself together and fight discrimination against Christianity in the country that was founded on religious freedom or doctor's that continue to continue to perform late term abortions, or the fact that pedophiles have more rights then their victims...and leave what the soldier's, marines, airmen and sailors want to read to the soldiers, marines, airmen and sailors.

(Pictured is an AF drill Sgt. that posed for Playboy)

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