Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wow, McCain Gets Another 2 pts.!

"...Republican presidential candidate John McCain told workers of small weapons factory that he not only wants to catch Osama Bin Laden if elected, but said he "will shoot him with your products".

"I will follow Osama Bin Laden to the gates of hell and I will shoot him with your products," McCain said.

McCain told reporters afterward he was joking when he made the comment at Thompson Center Arms in Rochester.

"I certainly didn't mean I would actually shoot him. I am certainly angry at him, but I was only speaking in a way that was trying to emphasize my point," McCain said. "I would not shoot him myself." (source)

Oh, don't back peddle Senator, we want to take a moment to visualize that. Of course if you would shoot him, Thompson would Cuisinart him with his morning Met-Rx...

...and Obama Hussein's staff must be freaking out over the frequent Obama/Osama name gaffes.

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