Tuesday, October 23, 2007

UK Even More CYA Than America...

At the Ready...if that's possible.

This one's for my Dad, Uncle, brother, brother-in-law and Captain America:

Firefighters in the U.K. have been told to "stay off ladders" because "they're too dangerous." Really.

"...If there was so much as a cat stuck in a tree, the firefighters of Ampthill would be up their ladders in a trice.

But now they have been told they cannot even bring down old festival bunting... because that would be too dangerous.

Resident Charlie Garth said: "I'm sure our brave firemen aren't frightened about falling off a little ladder. They have never looked afraid of heights to me."

Deputy chief fire officer Graeme Smith said: "Yes it sounds like the world has gone mad. Firefighters will climb ladders to rescue people from burning buildings but not to remove bunting after a festival." (source)

(Photo credit: Me) :)

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