Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sit on a Thief & Avoid a Lawsuit

The crazy protect the bad guy direction our legal system has gone leaves property owners subject to lawsuits for protecting their own. I may have mentioned this before, but a commenter here knows of a current case where someone that was stealing seafood from a grocery store is now suing said store because he slipped and hurt himself in the race to get out of the store with his pilfered lobster. He'll probably win.

I don't know if that was Jeffrey Stephens' motive when he restrained a would-be thief by sitting on him until cops arrived, but maybe he'll have stopped a robbery and avoided a lawsuit. A major coup in today's world...

"...Jeffrey Stephens and his wife Patricia recently awoke after their dog started barking. Patricia said when she went to investigate, she found a 20-year-old man going through the back seat of a neighbor's van.

Jeffrey Stephens confronted the younger man, who claimed the van was his friend's, and the two scuffled. The younger man eventually lost his jacket, shirt, shoe and sock in the tumble.

And then, Jeffrey Stephens, who weighs 200 pounds, sat on the would-be burglar.

Patricia Stephens called authorities and said she looked out her window and described exactly what she saw, that her husband was sitting on someone.

The 20-year-old was arrested and is expected to be in court this week." (source)

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