Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Silly String Will Finally Get to Iraq

Almost a year ago I posted about the soldiers' request for silly string and how it was being used in Iraq to detect trip wires. After all this time, lots of bureaucracy and tons of red tape (because the silly string comes in aerosol cans and is considered hazardous material) the shipment of the potential life-saving toy is finally on it's way to Iraq.

"...After months of frustration, a mother of a soldier in Iraq has found someone to ship about 80,000 cans of Silly String to the troops, who use the foamy substance to detect trip wires on bombs.

"I'm just thrilled," said the woman, Marcelle Shriver. "I couldn't sleep too well this whole weekend thinking about it."

The thousands of cans of Silly String are boxed and addressed to individual servicemen and servicewomen in Iraq. But since the string comes in an aerosol can, it is considered a hazardous material, and only certain companies can ship it.

Thom Campbell, one of the founders of Capacity LLC, a New Jersey-based shipping company experienced in hazardous materials, heard about Shriver's problem and decided to help out.

"It seemed like the right thing to do," Campbell said. "We're quite lucky to have an opportunity to help her."

The boxes were to be picked up Monday in Deptford Township, where Shriver has been storing them. They will be inspected by the company and then delivered to the United States Postal Service for transport with other letters and packages bound for Iraq..." (source)

Wouldn't you think the pentagon could've helped out with such a simple request...? Yeah, let the government take over healthcare....

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