Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Sheehan's Antitheses

They're never really talked about, don't have press conferences and book signings or head huge rancorous marches; but there is a large contingent (most likely the majority) of families that have lost loved ones in Iraq and Afghanistan that believe pulling troops out would be a disgrace to each of the 3,800 sons, daughters, husbands, wives, sisters, grandsons and friends that have given their loves there:

"...Michael Anderson can recount his son's last moments on earth down to the second.

He knows that the bullet that hit his son pierced his fourth and fifth ribs and killed him instantly.

The Modesto, Calif. , resident said he also knew that the Iraq war was working and that it must work or the deaths of his son and the more than 3,800 other members of the U.S. military would have been in vain.

"The surge is working," he said. "I sat through some briefings and investigated for myself. I've talked to the boots on the ground. My opinion is that the leaders who are trying to run this war from the comfort of their well-decorated and comfortable offices are wrong.

"This (war) is not going to be over with signing our names on a dotted line saying this is over. This is our children's children's war. This is an ongoing conflict of good versus evil and we need to put a collar around it."

"A complete troop withdrawal just isn't an option," said Jan Johnson of Lyerly, Ga. , whose son, Army Spc. Justin Johnson , died in 2004 in combat in Iraq , days after the death of close friend and fellow Spc. Casey Sheehan .

"I think bringing troops out of there right now is really crazy," she said. "We really need troops out there to get the job done." (source)

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