Friday, October 26, 2007

The Public Speaks...With Their Wallets, Not Bogus Polls

Supposedly "the majority" of Americans are against the war in Iraq. As I've contended for as long as we've been in Iraq -this number is the direct result of the way questions are asked during polls. The "majority" of that "majority" is probably against the war because of the ridiculous ROEs the troops must deal with and the subsequent murder trials....but I digress.

Hollywood has bet on those skewed poll numbers and produced a slew of Anti-Iraq war films --two of which have already been released:

"In the Valley of Elah" (written and directed by Paul haggis and starring Susan Sarandon, which pretty much tells you all you need to know) and,

"Rendition" (Here's a bit of the plot synopsis: "Meanwhile, at a secret detention facility somewhere outside the US, CIA analyst Douglas Freeman is forced to question his assignment in an attempt to save thousands as he becomes a party to the unorthodox interrogation of El-Ibrahim." (source)

"...It doesn't matter how many Oscar winners are in front of or behind the camera — audiences are proving to be conscientious objectors when it comes to this fall's surge of antiwar and anti-Bush films.

Both "In the Valley of Elah" and, more recently, "Rendition" drew minuscule crowds upon their release, which doesn't bode well for the ongoing stream of films critical of the Iraq war and the Bush administration's wider war on terror.

Beyond the fiction features, the anti-Iraq war documentary "No End in Sight" (box office: $1.4 million) couldn't capture the indie crowd, beating a swift retreat to DVD next Tuesday despite glowing reviews..." (source)

I hope all the actors and directors that have anti-war movies in the waiting to be released bins are starting to realize that those polls might have led them astray and maybe they should have traveled outside of the group-think bubble that is Hollywood before investing millions of dollars...

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