Wednesday, October 03, 2007

President Bush VS. Texas

I realize this article is a little long, but you really should read it. It concerns a case pending in the Supreme Court and the outcome will most likely be decided by the vote of the unpredictable Justice Kennedy.

The gist of the case:
In Houston on June 24, 1993, 16-year-old Elizabeth Pena and 15-year-old Jennifer Ertman were walking home after visiting a friend, they were kidnapped, raped, and strangled by Jose Medellin and other members of a gang known as the Black and Whites. Medellin was in the US illegally and was convicted and sentenced to death (all appeals exhausted).

"...he wrote to Mexican consular authorities on April 29, 1997, and they began providing him with legal assistance.

In January 2003, as the case was pending in district court, the Mexican government initiated proceedings in the International Court of Justice (ICJ) against the U.S., alleging violations of the Vienna Convention regarding Medellin and more than 50 other Mexican nationals who had been sentenced to death in state criminal proceedings.

The ICJ ruled on March 31, 2004, that the U.S. had violated Article 36 of the Vienna Convention -- which allows consular officers to protect nationals who are detained in foreign countries' courts -- and said the courts should review all the cases.

But two months later, the U.S. court in New Orleans rejected Medellin's appeal, because he hadn't raised the issue during his trial. The Supreme Court also refused to overturn his conviction..." (source)

Bush has stepped in and said that Texas must honor the rule of the ICJ. This would also effect the status of many other death row illegal Mexicans. Bush isn't going all far left..I'm sure this was done in the interest of the "6,000 or so Americans" that are convicted of crimes abroad each year. But to release a double rapist-murderer that shouldn't have been here to rape and murder in the first place...?

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