Thursday, October 04, 2007

On Our Soil...

GREAT article by Youssef Ibrahim in the NY Sun entitled: The Islamist Trojan Horse

"...We're fighting them there, so we don't have to fight them here" has become a hymn for the American right and an abominable lie to the left. But drowned out by all the noise is the fact that "they" are here already, having landed a long time ago and gotten very busy indeed constructing the American wing of jihad..."

His piece goes on to describe an Arabic channel (TAC) in NY (owned by Ted Turner of course) that most Americans can't monitor because it's in Arabic:

  • "Egyptian sheik, Amr Khaled, who comes direct from Cairo as TAC's prime advocate of "peaceful jihad," on how the duty of every Arab-American is to become first, second, and only a member of the Muslim Ummah."

  • "Syria's CNN-style digest of the world, sent fresh from a Damascus studio where the Iraq war is nothing but an American butchery of Arabs, and the Zionist regime in Jerusalem is just biding its time until it gets what it deserves."

  • TAC's ownership and funding are, to put it mildly, ambiguous. What is clear is that someone is funding this Islamist Trojan Horse already anchored inside the American fortress.

  • "While American law enforcement is getting pretty good at spotting violence that emerges in the style of another paramilitary attack, a friend in the national security community in Washington told me that there "are no vehicles nor a body of laws" to stop or monitor that other kind of slow implantation."

    Read this article. Don't become complacent. Don't accept conquest by means of immigration and pacification.

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