Wednesday, October 31, 2007

No Halloween for Sex Predators

"...Convicted sexual offenders would be banned from distributing Halloween candy from their homes or taking part in any of the October holiday's activities if a proposed bill gains support.

Under Bill No. 5321 proposed by Rep. Fran Amos, R-Waterford Township, any parolee who was convicted of a sex crime against a victim under 18 would be banned from all Halloween activities.

The proposal - which will not take effect in time to impact this year's Halloween - states that a parolee is prohibited from "participating in any way in activities traditionally conducted during the evening of Halloween, including distributing candy or other items to children."

It also would ban a sex-crime parolee from leaving outside lights on or giving the impression that his or her house is occupied between 6 and 8 p.m. on Oct. 31, or any other locally designated Halloween celebration..." (source)

This should be a federal law. Then again, if they were all locked up for life or dead we wouldn't have to ponder 'how to enforce' a law like this...

I am also a bit appalled at all the schools that canceled their Halloween parades/parties across the country. Some because students dressed as Captain Underpants last year, some because of "safety reasons", some because the "costumes scare the younger kids" and the best (in a school near us)...a Pentecostal Mother was offended and none of the other parents spoke up. I also hate the "it disrupts the school day" rationale. It's ONE day and according to Al Gore there won't ever be a snow day again because the earth is we won't need to disrupt school for that.

And for your Halloween listening pleasure: The Misfits: "Halloween"

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