Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Memory: Stress VS. Age

I would like to know why last Thursday I wandered around a building that I have been in thousands of times looking for my doctor's suite and completely blanking on what floor it was on...yet I still remember every word to the Monchichi commercial from the '80's.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could effectively purge "put their thumb in their mouth it's really neat, fun to tickle their little feet" from our minds and replace it with something useful and relevant? Have I now reached capacity? Is it an age thing or just a 'this time of my life' stress thing? Whatever it is, it's frustrating.

...I guess I should look on the bright side. Regardless of the little things I've been forgetting lately, a judge hasn't found K-Fed to be a more fit parent than me. And I'm not being called "unpatriotic" by Democrats that declared defeat more than a year ago.

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