Thursday, October 11, 2007

Leftist Tactics

I remember some of the stories my mom would tell me back when she was really involved with Operation Rescue. How everyone at the silent protests would know each other and had traveled there together, yet at each one people they didn't know would emerge with "Pro-Life signs and scream at the cops and push and punch people. Plants. Impostors from the pro-choice side that would make trouble as soon as the TV cameras or the police were around trying to give the pro-lifers a crazy face. They didn't care that everyone in OR knew they were a long as the reporters believed they were real their mission was accomplished. It was as obvious then as it is now. Old tactic, new victim:

"...Fliers posted across George Washington University in Washington, D.C., on Monday with a message of hatred toward Muslims was "a classic left-wing tactic" to malign the conservatives sponsoring "Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week" on the campus later this month, a national organizer of the event said Tuesday.

Printed across the top of each poster were the words "HATE MUSLIMS? SO DO WE!!!" The flier also had a picture of an Arab with such "typical Muslim" features as "lasers from eyes," "venom from mouth," a "suicide vest," a "hidden AK-47" and a "peg-leg for smuggling children and heroin."

"To find out more, come to ISLAMO-FASCIST AWARENESS WEEK," the poster stated before listing incorrect dates for the event.

The bottom of the flier indicated that it was "brought to you by Students for Conservativo-Fascism Awareness" and recommended students view "The Power of Nightmares," a BBC documentary that claims the threat of radical Islam is not as serious as neoconservatives say...

Sergio Gor, a senior from Los Angeles and the president of GWU's chapter of the conservative Young America's Foundation, told the GW Hatchet -- the student newspaper on campus -- that his group was not responsible for the posters.

"Someone took our name and used it," he said. "It was hateful."

Gor also stressed that the incident will not prevent his group from hosting Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week on campus the week of Oct. 22-26, when author David Horowitz will speak, the TV mini-series "The Path to 9/11" will be shown, and a panel of people who have fled Iran will discuss their escape from the brutal regime there..." (source)

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