Wednesday, October 03, 2007

A Glimpse into the Future

Most of the people reading this blog will not be aware of what is going on Michigan. Those of us who live in a state whose governmental philosophy seems to be more intellectually in line with Enron then a document that starts “We the People” have to endure pain of a tax and spend wedgie that is being inflicted by the liberals who run this state.

We have an unemployment rate in this state that we haven’t seen since the great depression, business is leaving this union stronghold for the greener pasteurs of “right to work” states, home foreclosures are happening in record numbers that far exceeds the national average, personal income is down while crime is up, in short we are a state and people in distress. So what was our liberal Governor’s answer to the problems and financial shortfalls caused by her “progressive” policies? She raised taxes on a population that is generally living paycheck to paycheck.

Now, Governor Granholm is Canadian by birth, and until her election to the post of Governor her most notable accomplishments were being a beauty pageant contestant and quite possibly one of the many notches on the bedpost of Bill Clinton. So she is not intellectually working with many tools, but her staunch adherence to the liberal playbook should serve as a warning to anyone who considers voting for Hillary in 2008.

Granholm is a more attractive, less shrill version of Mrs. Clinton. She is in lock step with every policy that Hillary holds dear in the cold reaches of her Grinchly heart. If elected with a majority in the Congress, her results will resemble the ones Ms. Granholm has acheived in the state of Michigan.

Take a good look at Michigan, and we are seeing the future of nation if we trade “We the People” for her socialist "we're all in it together" society. At least people can’t say they were not warned.

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