Friday, October 19, 2007

Giuliani Looking for the "Racist Vote" by Ordering a Cheesesteak?!

Um, puh-lease. If that accusation isn't playing the race card I don't know what is. Rudy Giuliani's recent trip to Geno's Steaks had NOTHING, let me repeat...NOTHING, to do with race. Geno's rival cheesesteak shop has staked their territory as DNC friendly replete with Kerry signs during the last election. For that alone it would have been ridiculous for a GOP candidate to choose the inferior cheesesteak.

BUT, the main issue here is that the left is once again trying to muddy the ILLEGAL immigration debate with race... It's getting old and tired and just plain trite at this point. I don't care if you have white blonde hair and crystal blue eyes with Nicole Kidman porcelain skin...if you're here illegally you need to be held accountable on your way out. Equal Opportunity deportation.

This rant brought to you courtesy of Philadelphia Weekly. The paper asked a few Philly Bloggers for a blurb about Giuliani's recent Philadelphia Geno's trip. I wrote lightheartedly as should have everyone. It's a trivial issue in serious times...but I just finished reading some of the other reactions and I'm almost appalled. Ick, these people are nasty...and bitter...and obviously lonely.

Hungry for Votes: Republican presidential candidate Rudolph Giuliani didn't visit Geno's for the food. Outspoken Philadelphians weigh in on the messy implications of Cheesesteakgate.
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(ALa's blurb at the end of the article)

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