Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Follow the Money

For a change I am just entering a short post. You can’t swing a dead chicken in the media today without hitting somebody who is talking about how the massive amounts of cash that Obama and Clinton are raising is dwarfing what the Republicans are bringing. Let’s turn this around and take a look at it from an angle that the media is simply not covering.

Obama is raising money from scores of democrats across the country while Hillary is getting her funds from far fewer, but much wealthier donors (many of whom have their principle place of residence in the Peoples Republic of China. Maybe they are hoping that another Clinton presidency will mean another unchecked stream of leaks from military’s top secret files to Beijing).

The sheer number of people who are giving to Obama seem to come from a large contingent of Democrats who are holding up the “Anyone but Hillary” banner, and see the Illinois Senator as their best chance to avoid the shrill queen of the cankles.

The large number of donors that Barack can boast combined with the massive amount of money that is being raised to fight against Mrs. Clinton indicates that Hillary is polarizing even within her own party.

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