Tuesday, October 16, 2007

First Rosie, Then Hillary...and Now Sean Penn

"...Muslim terror leaders are hailing statements by actor Sean Penn regarding Iran, the war in Iraq and the global war on terror, stating militants have "deep respect" for Penn and urging Americans to listen to the outspoken Hollywood activist immediately.

One senior jihadist leader even asked Penn to officially represent his terror organization's cause to the world media.

"I tell Penn that we don't have the money that the Zionists have, therefore we don't own and we don't have access to your media, and we hope you would ... represent our pain and our cause," stated Abu Hamed, northern Gaza Strip commander of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades Palestinian terrorist organization.

Klein also had a 2007 speech Penn delivered in solidarity with Iran translated into Arabic and read for the terror leaders.
"You want to rattle sabers toward Iran now?" asked Penn in his speech delivered at U.S. Rep. Barbara Lee's March 24 "Town Hall Meeting" on the fourth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq.
"Let me tell you something about Iran, because I've been there and you haven't. Iran is a great country. A great country. Does it have its haters? You bet. Just like the United States has its haters. Just like the United States has a corrupt regime. Does it want a nuclear weapon? Maybe. Do we have one? You bet," stated Penn.

The terrorist compelled all Americans to listen to Penn [immediately]. Bush is leading you toward a bigger, much bigger disaster."

"You Americans will pay the price and we hope [Penn's message] will be understood by the American public." (source)

This should be a piece in The Onion, but it’s not.

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