Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Fired For Getting Pregnant...

"...Premier Plastic Surgery (Pittsburgh, PA) discriminated against a pregnant secretary who was fired after being told to suck in her belly so she wouldn't scare away patients, government lawyers charged in an anti-discrimination lawsuit filed Wednesday.

Erin Griggle, who worked in the company's Cranberry office, said she was fired in December 2005, two weeks after telling her supervisors she was pregnant.

In the lawsuit, Griggle said she was told to keep "sucking her belly in" by Dr. Brian Vasser Heil, the company's president, so she didn't scare away patients who came to the office to look better..." (source)

Any client that would equate pregnancy negatively with the skills of a plastic surgeon isn't mentally fit enough to sign any medical permission papers in my opinion. Because women of present embrace pregnancy (instead of wearing the teddy bear tents of yesteryear) and maternity styles are now is possible to be pregnant and look sexy...

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