Thursday, October 11, 2007

Dr. Dobson Does Judas

Judas walked with Jesus and betrayed him for a mere 30 pieces of silver. In modern terms his payment for the traitorous act was about $220. Even by biblical standards this was hardly a bargain. Up until this point the King of bone headed bartering was Esau. This genius traded his inheritance for a bowl of soup. For those who are not up on their biblical history, this would be like Paris Hilton trading her place in Daddy’s will for a can of Chunky Clam Chowder.

Judas walked with God himself, and still found the will to betray him. Even Peter turned his back on Jesus when the chips were down. With that said, I think the lesson from these biblical personalities is that nobody is beyond the act of betraying God. So, how many pieces of silver have been added to Dr. Dobson’s bank account?

Dr. Dobson is a leader in the eyes of millions of Christians, and a significant number of believers in Christ will follow his lead on a number of issues; especially regarding topics couched as moral choices. The fact that he is now coming out and publicly declaring that there are certain candidates (specifically Rudy Giuliani and Fred Thompson) that he won’t vote for, is either really poor judgment on his part, or a targeted act intended to hand Hillary the White House in a manner reminiscent of the way that John the Baptists head was presented to King Herod on a silver platter.

As we all know, if it were not for Ross Perot, the presidency of Bill Clinton would never have happened. Clinton Inc. did not get where it is by not taking notice of such things, so a third party figure to run interference for Hillary would be a great advantage to them. Who better to enable this sort of thing then one of the strongest voices in the Conservative Christian community?

Recently Dr. Dobson stated that he would “waste” his vote on a fringe candidate or sit out the election entirely before he would vote for Giuliani. He has supported these statements by going on the television and radio shows of high profile conservative pundits and screaming this position from the hilltop. Today most people know what his intentions are concerning the election.

There is no way that he is na├»ve enough to think that he operates in a vacuum. He is keenly aware that his words carry weight, and that many will follow his lead; especially on issues that he claims are moral ones. If he votes for a third party or sits the election out for “moral reasons” millions of Christians will do the same; thinking they are following his Godly example. The only person this benefits from this is Hillary Clinton.

His approach makes very little sense. Hillary supports partial birth abortion, socialism, the suppression of Christians, the right of NAMBLA to look upon small boys as sexual veal, etc. To pretend deflecting votes away from the Republican candidate (ensuring she takes over the Oval Office) is a moral virtue is disingenuous at best. If he truly believed that voting for one of the Republican front runners was the wrong thing for his life, he would simply do what he was going to do, keep his mouth shut, and let the election play itself out. He is not doing that. His actions are that of a man trying to influence an outcome.

I personally believe that he may be working with DNC or the Clintons on this one. I can’t prove it, and have no clue what Dobson has been offered in return for putting a torpedo hole in the chances of the Republican candidate, (probably a good bit more than 30 pieces of silver), but his actions point clearly to this conclusion. If those who walked with God himself can turn their backs on their beliefs, what makes Dobson above betraying the same God by covertly supporting someone who is the antithesis of every virtue that Christians hold dear?

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