Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Blame Yourself, Not the Cops...

Over the weekend (on the street I grew up on from 1-4 yrs old BTW) a 15 year old boy pulled a knife and hammer on his mother. Let me say that again, a FIFTEEN year old threatened his MOTHER with serious bodily harm with not one, but two weapons. Police were called because SHE COULDN'T HANDLE HER OWN SON HERSELF. The boy then brandished yet another weapon at the officer (who knew the mother had just been threatened with harm) and the cop shot him and killed him. That should be the end of the story, but this is Philly (not as bad a L.A., but close).

The family is "upset deadly force was used" and neighbors "can't imagine this boy would attack a police officer" and "he was only 15". Please.

"...Family members took issue with why the police officer had to fire the gun, saying Timbers was holding a clothes iron.
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"It's just crazy. He had like an iron in his hand, and he was only 15, and it makes no sense for the cops to shoot him," one relative said.

Ken Hyers of the Lawncrest Town Watch called it "disturbing."

"A 15-year-old is just beginning life, shouldn't be cut down," Hyers said.

"All that wasn't called for. There's other ways it could have been done," said neighbor Ralph Shore." (source)

What did these people expect? Apparently the kid was mentally disturbed and made it a habit to run around brandishing a knife. What Philly cop, making $35K a year, should have to even take a chance of being killed? If a kid has no qualms about threatening the woman that gave him life, why would he hesitate to kill a cop? Do people believe that MacGyver is real life and cops can ricochet a bullet off the wall and knock a weapon from someone's hand?

Here's a little hint: If you attack a police officer with a weapon, expect to be shot. Full stop.

And if you raised your kids right, there should never be "domestic disturbances" involving you vs. your own kids and cops would never be involved in your family business...

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