Friday, October 12, 2007

Another Teen With an Arsenal

"...A home-schooled teenager who amassed a cache of weapons, including a hand grenade, and tried to recruit another boy for a possible school attack in Pennsylvania was charged with solicitation to commit terror, authorities said Thursday.

The 14-year-old, who authorities said had felt bullied, was taken into custody after police raided his home in the Philadelphia suburbs on Wednesday evening. He had talked about mounting an attack on Plymouth Whitemarsh High School similar to the 1999 massacre at Colorado's Columbine High School...

The weapons found included a 9 mm assault rifle that the teenager's mother had recently bought for him, Castor said. Police also found about 30 air-powered guns, plus swords, knives, hand grenades, a bomb-making book, videos of the 1999 Columbine attack in Colorado and violence-filled notebooks. The weapons were plainly visible in the boy's bedroom, Castor said..." (source)

How the hell does your 14 year old amass ANY arsenal, let alone what is pictured?! Call me unsympathetic to these "poor, poor parents" (that had to watch their son be arrested), but WTF? It says the weapons were in plain view, so they obviously knew this was going on --and were they buying them? And if he was homeschooled who was he feeling bullied by? Nope, no empathy. This school district is way too close to mine to feel empathy for anyone that would even entertain the fantasy of shooting up a school...and parents that would allow a teen to have a weapons cache in their home.

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