Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Worse Than War...

The world should "prepare for war" with Iran, the French foreign minister has said, significantly escalating tensions over the country's nuclear programme.

Bernard Kouchner said that while "we must negotiate right to the end" with Iran, if Teheran possessed an atomic weapon it would represent "a real danger for the whole world".

The world should "prepare for the worst... which is war", he said.

His comments came after Washington reminded Teheran that "all options were on the table" in confronting its nuclear policy, which many officials in the West believe has the ultimate aim of arming a nuclear warhead, despite Iran's claim that it is for civilian purposes. (source)
OK, I gotta tell you. I stopped eating Freedom Fries and started eating French Fries again when Sarkozy was elected. And this news might mean that we have to stop calling them "cheese eating surrender monkey."

However, I don't understand this guy's position that the worst is war. If that is true, why not disband your military and takes what's coming with a smile? The answer? Everybody together: BECAUSE WAR IS NOT THE WORST!!!

Remember how hard everybody tried to appease Hitler. They let him do what he wanted until what they were getting was so bad they suddenly realized, "Hey, this shit's worse than war! War's not the worst after all."

We would not be in a war now if we were prepared to accept 3,000 dead on any given day without retribution. If war were the worst, we could just obey Sharia law and convert to Islam and let them kill whomever they please. Until the next big thing comes along and we'd have to give in to that.

Face it, folks. There are some things worse than war.

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