Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Student Tasered for Over-Questioning John Kerry (Real Story)

A student was shot by a taser gun in Florida while Senator John Kerry was looking on. The whole thing was caught on tape and you can watch unedited video of the student's question, and arrest in the video tab here on

The student was asking Senator Kerry a question but his microphone was cut off when he went over the time allowed. Authorities say they were forced to subdue the student, and one of them shot him with a taser gun..." (source)

First of all, the video is really disturbing. Apparently Kerry droned on forever and this kid (a COMPLETE and total LEFTY), during the subsequent Q&A, just wanted to say that he thought Kerry WON the 2004 election and basically just wanted to know why he conceded to Bush. They drag him away from the mic and proceed to cuff him and use a taser gun on him multiple times while he screams in pain, pleads for an explanation of his arrest and help from onlookers...and Kerry just keeps talking and pretends that ONE OF HIS SUPPORTERS that VOTED FOR HIM IN 2004 isn't being completely and inappropriately subdued for asking a question.

Thank God Bush "stole the election."

If you couldn't tell I was really disturbed by this. I'm not saying the kid isn't annoying as hell, but when did I move to Iran?

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