Monday, September 10, 2007

The New Fat?

I don’t often remark on entertainment subjects; this is the sort of thing I leave to people whose childhoods included eating paint chips while listening to Casey Kasem. With that said, the Britney Spears debacle during the MTV Video Music Awards is a situation that requires a comment.

I will leave the topic of her lip syncing, dancing, and speculation of her intoxication level to those who were apologists for Marv Albert after he slipped on a leather teddy and bit a prostitute a decade of so ago. It is the criticism of her body that I am having a difficult time with.

On CNN’s website the first words in the story about Spears referred to Britney as “out-of-shape”. The radio was equally unkind to her, referring to the pop tart as “soft”. Those who live in South Eastern lower Michigan will be familiar with the “Blaine and Lisa with Allison” show on 96.3 FM. This morning Blaine suggested he would look better in the outfit she wore then the troubled mother of two did. Let’s be honest, the only world where a male morning DJ would inspire more sexual interest wearing a bra an panties then Britney Spears does, is a world where Senator Larry Craig is the Grand Poobah of the Western Hemisphere.

In my opinion there was nothing wrong with the way she looked last night. The fact that the consensus of the entertainment industry thinks she appeared soft and puffy means that Hollywood has gone to a really bad place in terms of the acceptable standard of beauty. If Britney was out-of-shape that means we have now created a world where Marilyn Monroe could not get a job in films unless she lost 30 lbs. Personally, I loved Marilyn just the way she was and would rather see her or Betty Page walking a runway then Kate Moss or Christina Aguilera.

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