Thursday, September 27, 2007

Negative Opinion of Islam Rising & Majority Thinks Mormons are Christians

Really?! Geez, I can't fathom why that would be...

"The number of Americans who say Islam has little or nothing in common with their own religion has spiked to 70 percent in the past two years from 59 percent, the poll found.

Another significant shift has taken place: In 2005, 36 percent of the public said Islam is more likely than other faiths to encourage violence among its believers. That number has risen to 45 percent.

Fifty-three percent of Americans viewed Mormonism positively, while 27 percent viewed Mormons unfavorably.

A slim majority — 52 percent — said Mormonism is a Christian religion. Yet among non-Mormon believers, more than six in ten said Mormonism and their own religion are very different." (source)

As far as the Islam numbers...I'm surprised the unfavorables aren't higher. I did find the Mormon bit interesting because throughout the history of Mormonism they NEVER wanted to be called or lumped in with Christians. It's only in the past ten years that the Mormon church has spent millions IN ADVERTISING to create the facade of a mainstream religion. Don't argue with college I took an entire class on Joseph Smith and Mormonism taught by a ex-lifelong Mormon.

"For over a century, Mormons didn’t want to fit into mainstream Protestantism. They insisted on a position that placed them outside the norm, separate in doctrine and dogma, and distinct in religious history as the ONLY TRUE church of Jesus Christ on the planet. It appears that this formula has worked quite as well as Mormons, on paper at least, have outpaced mainstream Protestantism in terms of increasing their membership. Now they want to be like the mainstream Protestants.

To this end, they no longer advertise the Book of Mormon on TV. Instead, viewers are urged to call and get a free copy of the Bible. This switch in advertising tactics happened about the same time that a DNA study out of BYU showed that Native Americans actually did come from peoples of the Northern Asia, probably across the Bering Sea land bridge, as anthropologists have suggested for decades. So much for the “Submarine from Jerusalem” theory! (Quietly, church leaders have been told not to push that story openly anymore)." (source)

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