Thursday, September 20, 2007

Murtha Refuses to Apologize to Marines

Jason Mattera (Young America's Foundation) confronted Rep. Jack Murtha asking if he would like to apologize for besmirching the Marines now that all charges in the Haditha case are in the process of being dropped. Needless to say, Murtha remains unrepentant.

Here's a little taste for those of you that can't watch/get YouTube at work, but Murtha's demeanor is priceless so be sure to watch it later...

"Would you like to issue and apology for saying that they killed innocent civilians in cold blood?" Mattera asks.

"Is there still a trial going on?" Murtha answers smugly.

"Do you like besmirching our troops Sir? Do you like besmirching our troops Sir?"

"Have you ever been in the service? I enlisted... blah blah blah"

"Sir, you accused them of killing innocent civilians in cold blood. That's something that would come from Al Jezeera, not a Congressman Sir!"

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