Friday, September 21, 2007

Memorial 101st Airborne Jeep

Karla Comfort's Memorial H3 has gotten a lot of well deserved attention, but the Comfort's aren't the only family that has created mobile memorials out of their everyday transportation.

I was recently sent pictures of another such vehicle owned by the Schoff family. Their son, Cpl Brian James “BJ” Schoff, was killed in action in Baghdad, Iraq on 1/28/2006.

The family contacted Robert Powell of AirbrushGuy & Company (the same shop that did Karla's Hummer) and asked that he create them a memorial that captured and portrayed what Brian meant to his family and friends.

The Jeep's artist, R. Powell, is a veteran and currently has a daughter and son-in-law serving in the United States Air Force. "I have a strong connection to servicemen and women and the sacrifice they make in providing safety and security for our great nation.” Powell states. “I hope the work I have created will inspire others to thank our military personnel especially those who gave their all."
“It is really heart warming to be chosen to be a part of something like this.” Powell states. “But when you are painting and suddenly you realize that you share a birthday with this man who died too young, it really gets to you.”

Here are some pictures of the memorial created for Cpl Brian James “BJ” Schoff:

You can see more pictures of the Jeep HERE and find Airbrush Guy & Co.'s contact information HERE.

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