Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Kos Beats FEC Lawsuit

Anyone that reads here knows that I am no fan of the Kos Kids and their leader, but I am at a serious loss as to why a right-wing blogger would bring a lawsuit against him and risk expanding FEC rules to Bloggers?! Can someone explain? Aren't we totally against McCain-Feingold? Wouldn't a ruling against Kos eventually trickle down to all political bloggers regardless of their party affiliation?

"...The Federal Election Commission unanimously dismissed a complaint filed against DailyKos by a right-wing blogger who had argued it was illegally acting as a political committee by giving support and free advertising to Democratic candidates.

Adam Bonin, the lawyer who represented DailyKos, called the ruling “a big victory, but everything about the rulemaking and the precedent strongly suggested that there was no other logical outcome.”

The ruling is only a small step in the evolution of government regulation of politics on the Web, but expect it to attract attention because of the prominence of Daily Kos..." (source)

I am really happy about this ruling. I have a "I'm With Fred" donate button on my Draft Thompson blog. I have no control over whether readers use it or not. Should what I write be governed because of that? People need to stop letting party affiliation cloud their common sense. What you think you can snag Kos with, will eventually get us too. Free speech trumps the GOP or the DNC...or should.

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