Monday, September 24, 2007

Kerry Flipped Off Veterans...

Just two days before the now infamous ever-impotent Kerry taser incident, the almost-President flipped off veterans at a Gathering of Eagles in D.C.:

"...About 50 to 60 people with the Gathering of Eagles had gathered outside the NBC Washington D.C. studio early last Sunday morning, on the day after the ANSWER sponsored anti-war rally. The Eagles had heard that Code Pink, who never showed up, was going to be there.

As things turned out, both Senators John McCain and John Kerry were taping a session of Meet the Press at the same location.

Each came in separate cars and upon completion of the session, Senator McCain left first. Pro-troop advocates explained that Senator McCain's "graciousness was beyond words." His car stopped at the end of the driveway. He looked up and when he saw the Vets, he got out of the car and shook the hands of the Vets, the blue star Moms and the patriots.

It was an emotional moment as Vets and Senator McCain looked eye-to-eye, shaking hands and sincerely thanking each other.

A few moments later, Kerry's car came to the edge of the driveway. Some in the pro-troop group turned their backs in protest, but most of them booed.

It is thought because Kerry raised his hand to wave and in mid-stream stopped once he recognized the vests that the Vets were wearing, that he initially did not hear the boos.

Vet, George Samek who had wanted to let Kerry know that he is a traitor for more than 30 years, happened to be holding a bullhorn. He let Kerry know that "he is no brother of mine." His exact quotes are in the GOE forum under "General Chat", page 2, titled, "When is it Appropriate?"

Many would agree that Samek's comment says it all.

As Kerry's vehicle turned left at an accelerated pace, and faced about 15 people on the opposite side of the street, where most of the vets were standing-- Kerry flipped them the bird from inside the safety of his speeding car!

It happened so quickly there were no pictures only eye witnesses.

This is the gesture Senator John Kerry gives to war veterans when he's not in front of the camera.

The finger he gave to wounded war vets, some of whom still suffer pain shows that he is no statesman.

This is the same John Kerry who insisted on being awarded his first Purple Heart in Vietnam even though his injuries amounted to no more than a "fingernail scrape", his commanding officer at the time now says, (, April 14, 2004)." (source)

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