Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I imagine most of you are familiar, at least in passing, with Michael Totten. He is an independent journalist who is currently in Iraq. He is financed by reader donations and publishes on his website, www.michaeltotten.com.

Via Instapundit I read this article this morning. Very touching, especially the pictures, like the one above. This is a town than, only 4 months ago, was terrorized. The people of Ramadi welcomed AQI (Al Qaeda in Iraq) but soon found out that they had invited the wolf into the kitchen. AQI began to ravage the town, and, indeed, the whole province of Anbar. As Michael reported, if the rulers didn't like something about you, they showed up at your house in the middle of the night and raped your wife and children.

And yet, sadly, there are those in the US that think our police are worse. That our soldiers are terrorizing women and children in the dark of night (right Senator Kerry?).

The success reported by Totten in Anbar could be, and (I believe) will be replicated throughout Iraq. However, that requires support. The Iraqi army and police forces are not trusted enough throughout the country to finish the job without help. They are not well enough supplied or trained. The people of Iraq, like that little girl in the picture, need us. Need U.S.

I can't pull from the article because you, really, should read the whole thing. And throw a few buck his way if you see fit.

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