Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Hollywood's "Patriotism"

I don't have much to add to what Brian said at Hot Air except to say that I am careful about who gets my money. Even if I like everybody else in a movie or I like the story line, I won't spend my money on a movie with Hanoi Jane Fonda, all those Chavez worshiping actors like Danny Glover or anything with Tim Robbins or Susan Sarandon.
So that’s the basis of tonight’s segment. Both Bill and Michelle made some good points here and there; the third participant gave us not much more than a pro forma “Why is it worth a Factor segment to talk about Tim Robbins?”

That’s an easy one. Because, like it or not, we live in a celebrity culture, and when a celebrity smears the troops on shows like Politically Incorrect etc and isn’t challenged right there and then, hundreds of thousands or even millions of Americans see it and internalize what they hear. They may not believe all of it right away, but if they hear it often enough, unchallenged, pretty soon it becomes what they perceive as common knowledge even though it’s a fabrication. Celebrities like Robbins know that; it’s why they speak up on political issues that are far outside the dress-up world they live and work in. So it’s pretty simple: Call out people like Robbins, who are either not intelligent enough to do real research for themselves, or they’re too lazy to bother discerning the truth for themselves, or they’re just liars who know they’re spreading falsehoods but they’re doing so for some purpose of their own, for who and what they are. If Robbins et al are going to go out of their way to destroy the reputation of the US military based on craptastic stats and bogus numbers and lousy logic, their reputations should be put to the test as well. Smears should not be left unchallenged, or they take on the aura of truth. Those who smear others shouldn’t feel like freedom of speech is their defender and they shouldn’t feel like they have anywhere to hide. That defender, armed with truth, should be the smear artist’s worst enemy. So it shall be with the likes of Tim Robbins, for spreading what amounts to propaganda that’s very useful to our enemies and does great harm to us. He’s either a fool or he has chosen to speak for the other side, as Jane Fonda did during Vietnam. If it’s the latter, then he’s a traitor now as she was then. And still is.

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