Thursday, September 13, 2007

Guest Post by NedfromNC:
"Complicated issues made simple: Illegal Immigration...Border Enforcement vs. Amnesty"

"A man goes to the Doctor and says he has a drinking problem and thinks he has liver damage. Doc says let's do some tests. Doctor comes back and says "You were right, but we can fix it...first thing we need to do is quit drinking" Man says, "What about my liver damage?" Doc says "Oh, we'll get to that soon enough...but first you need to quit drinking." "Why not do them at the same time?" the man questions. "Because if I fix the liver damage first, you'll just keep drinking." "What makes you say that?" the man defiantly asks...."Because you may not remember, but I have see you for this issue before" says the Doctor.

Just like the Immigration reform bill of 1983...we have been down this road before...close the borders now certainly seems like the first step...with what do with those already here the next issue to be dealt with.

Those insisting on the "Comprehensive " approach seem to me to be analogous to the alcoholic in the above example. They have no intention of giving up the bottle."

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