Sunday, September 02, 2007

From the Blogroll...Things You Shouldn't Miss.

  • Tim Graham over at Newsbusters reminds us of Barney Frank's foibles in light of Larry Craig's resignation:

    "...Notice how the networks define hypocrisy, and how liberals never seem to qualify. Frank was a lawmaker with a male-prostitution ring in his house, not to mention a lawmaker who kept getting the pimp's parking tickets waved off. Notice how they all mention "the voters" will decide, instead of going searching for legislators and party activists to underline his need to resign..."

  • Pat Dollard further chronicles the growing insanity that is Islam with his post Outraged Muslims Demand U.N. Resolution Outlawing Criticism Of Islam" Can I just remind everyone that there are Jesus and Baby Jesus butt plugs available on line...

  • Jules Crittenden alerts us to a great article that outlines what Islamic law does and doesn't permit. Like kidnapping is wrong, but restricting someone's freedom is okay...?

  • Just wanted to make sure you're reading the boots on the ground updates from CW4BillT over at The Castle. Bill is one of the 20 or so Bloggers I've met during this three year endeavor... He's spent the majority of his life serving his country and is at it again.

  • From the other side of the aisle: My friend The Bourgeois Deviant poses a question to the right:

    "So conservatives, ask yourself if you want a Democrat to be able to do all the things Mr. Bush and his cabal have done. Progressives should be asking if they truly want to right the wrongs of the last two terms. Also, if you were for impeaching Mr. Clinton over wrongly concealing a private sexual transgression, you should be equally, if not more so in favor of impeaching Mr. Bush for putting our country in such peril, on so many levels, in such a deliberate and calculated fashion. If you disagree with the latter, you are, in this blogger's opinion, in the avant-garde in leading the charge that is the United States' hastening decline as a world power and a great, "moral" nation."

  • Hollywood just couldn't wait to get their hands on the story of the rape and murder of an Iraqi girl by American troops... Wyatt Erp over at SYLGF has the story why director Brian De Palma couldn't wait to make this film. This may make a compelling film, but with all the stories of heroism and valor coming from OIF and OEF...isn't it telling that this will be the first tale to be told..."

  • There is a two-post debate raging over at Blank Forever about Pink Floyd's song "Money". The musicians are appalled that the lay folk find it cheesy and overplayed (apparently the "cash register thingy" was a brilliant ahead of its time innovation). This post was laid out by tesco's brother to demonstrate the technical mastery of the song. My question was, if you have to prove to the people that something is a it actually a masterpiece? This is where the debate began..

    Have a great day off tomorrow everyone... Be sure to do what the union laborers do and relax and take lots and lots of breaks! ;)

    (Cartoon Credit: Cox & Forkum)
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