Saturday, September 29, 2007

From the Blogroll: Things You Shouldn't Miss

  • Newsbusters breaks down the whole Rush Limbaugh "phony soldiers" controversy. He DIDN'T call "soldiers that oppose the Iraq war" phony-- He calls all the fake soldiers that anti-war groups have produced phony! The left HAS produced "phony soldiers" and soldiers that have lied about their deployment and MOS. We have listed the stories and discussed them here...of course it was the infamous Media Matters that started the firestorm. Here's a YouTube link of Rush's response.

    And it seems I missed him on Family Guy...

  • Neptunus Lex has a post up about Elizabeth Eckford...about grace and forgiveness and all the things that are absent in the Jena 6 case.

  • Lilo over at Lost in Lima has a really great piece on Sex Ed in Schools. I have two more years before I need to worry about this (I just found out last night they do it in 5th grade now!)

  • Of course anyone that knows me, knows I despise baseball. Don't take me out to the ballgame... Take me to the football, basketball or hockey game, but even if you have free tickets right behind the dugout I will not sit through 9 innings of boringness in the heat drinking near-beer for anyone. All that being said, the Phillies are finally doing good (or so I'm told) and Captain America has a post about it...

  • I'm actually going to see a show tonight (Queens of the Stone Age). It's been so long since I've seen a band, but with Philly's draconian smoking laws--I'm not sure how long we'll last. The Man was going to go by himself, but Liz generously offered to watch the spawn so we could both go. The dilemma is what to wear...the band is classified 'stoner rock' and I'm fresh out of hemp clothing and pot leaf tees... :)

    (Comic Credit: Cox & Forkum)

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