Sunday, September 23, 2007

From the Blogroll: Things You Shouldn't Miss

  • TrekMedic has returned from the abyss and has some thoughts on the Jena 6 case. I have A LOT to say about this case and the subsequent multi-city rallies (and Trek, I also liken it to Mumia), but it all falls on deaf ears. So I'll just say this: Why does the African American community keep rallying around GUILTY people. I am more than sure there are INNOCENT Black people that are accused of something and incarcerated somewhere. March and rally for them. I'll join you. Stop doing it for people that don't even claim to be innocent... Hummers & Cigarettes also has a post up about this case

  • David over at The Thunder Run has a memorial post up for Sgt Eddie Jeffers who was killed in Iraq on September 20, 2007. Jeffers wrote and essay back in February called "Hope Rides Alone" and David has re-posted the piece in the Sgt's honor. A MUST read!

  • SWWBO had the unfortunate experience of having a cab driver take her to the COdePink/Answer/peacenik rally when she was trying to get to the Gathering of Eagles. She made the best of a bad situation and snapped some great shots of the lefties... And Skye has the pics from Gathering of Eagles and got to meet Michelle Malkin!

  • Zombie has up pictures from the "9/11 Truth March and the Power to the Peaceful Festival"... You are NOT going to believe who was in attendance: Wonder Woman and Spiderman! There is also a video of the "ballad of 9/11 Truth":

    And gee, what a shock, ya know who else was there? Ron Paul supporters.

  • Honest Partisan posted about how one should best express opposition to the war and discusses the funding bill that was just put down on the Senate.

  • Tammi expressed her anger about Ahmadinejad questioning non-citizen's rights to America's free speech.

  • Captain America over at First In! (who just had his one year blogiversary) has a list posted about things men are expected to be able to do. It explains why I turned down a few proposals and waited for The Man --he can do everything on the list. Why would any woman deal with a man that couldn't atleast perform those limited services! LOL :)

  • Now I am off to waste spend even more money on Halloween decorations...

    Update: Also, you should check out PA Water Cooler for ways to help the "Gathering of Eagles" combat the hate and anti-military tactics of the far left!

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