Monday, September 24, 2007

The Fashion Gods Have Spoken!

There are consequences for angering the gods of fashion and good taste. They will only stand the blasphemy of "everyone wears them" or "but they're comfortable" for so long before they will come and smite you for your sin of looking really bad and allowing your children to commit the same sin!

Ugly fads do indeed have consequences... Heed the warning:

Example #1: Young boy SWALLOWS HIS GRILL. For the unhipsters- grills are those god-awful gold and diamond mouth guards that go over your teeth (think Flavor Flav). Now, for me, the less disturbing part of the story was that the boy swallowed and almost choked to death on the grill (fashion gods, remember?), but the fact that his mother purchased the mouth adornment at a flea market! Um, ewww.

Example #2: Children's feet are being maimed in escalators from those horrid rubber Birkenstocks called Crocs. There have been 40+ incidents of children having toes, toenails and chunks of skin ripped off due to these footwear dont's. I was appalled when I started seeing boys in them...but then I started seeing ADULTS wearing them. Grown women in giant, yellow, rubber clogs. The day I see a grown man wearing them, I may just break down and cry on the spot. I hate to say I'm glad that there have been accidents, but it may be what it takes to break this heinous trend.

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