Thursday, September 27, 2007

Dogs Before Kids...?

"...A couple in Center Township is facing charges after the man and woman fled a mobile home fire, grabbing their pet dogs but leaving a young boy behind, police said.

Crystal Adams, 31, and James Chandler, 33, are accused of reckless endangerment after Chandler's 4-year-old son was left Friday night, WTAE-TV in Pittsburgh reported.

The boy was treated for smoke inhalation after a firefighter ran inside and pulled him out, township Fire Chief Bill Brucker said.

Police said the firefighters learned that the boy was still inside the burning mobile home when Chandler and Adams told firefighters that they had forgotten the child. Police said that was about 20 minutes after the couple had gotten out..." (source)

Before I had kids, my dog was my baby. key word in that sentence being BEFORE. Now, my dog is my dog and my kids are my babies. I always find it odd when that switch doesn't take place...

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