Friday, September 21, 2007

Cornyn traps Hillary

Yesterday Texas Senator John Cornyn set a trap that snapped down hard on a pair of Presidential hopefuls. Mr. Cornyn cattle prodded a measure through the Senate that would force each of the elected officials to go on record either condemning or supporting’s add that smeared General Petraeus.

25 Senators in total voted not to condemn them, with 22 of those officials being Democrats. This is no surprise seeing as most elected Democrats have the same icky feelings about the military that most people reserve dust mites or tape worms. What was significant was that it was a carefully constructed snare that was designed to force the Democrat Presidential frontrunners to make a clear choice between support of the military and dollars.

Hillary Clinton blundered into the trap with the same enthusiasm that her husband showed when blundering into an intern. She is now on record as someone who will not condemn an ad that smeared a decorated war hero. Considering the fact that she wants to be elected as the Commander and Chief of the military, taking MoveOns side against the top commander in Iraq was a bad tactical decision. This is a vote that the Republicans will beat her senseless with over the next fourteen months. It reinforces how weak liberals are on national defense and highlights their complete disdain for our servicemen and women.

When Barack Hussein Obama heard this vote was coming to the floor, he quickly retreated from the building…or was he being redeployed? Either way, he wanted no part of being on record. At that point he got as far away from the voting as humanly possible so he could avoid being locked down on a position and simply shout rhetoric from a safe distance. This wishy-washy approach is something that can dog him almost as badly as Hillary siding against the military on this issue. It shows that he either doesn’t have the courage to stand up for his convictions, wants to play both sides of the fence, or refuses to make a decision without some focus group data to support his position. In short, the retreat/redeployment from the building doesn’t make him look very Presidential. Not openly supporting will also probably not go down well with the leftists who run that organization.

Forcing the libs to choose a side between their far left base and the military was a brilliant move by Senator John Cornyn. It could almost be considered Rovesque. The measure passed and has been officially condemned by the Senate. Not only does Hillary’s vote put her on the losing side of this issue, but it will be one more albatross around her neck when the Republicans start running ads against her in a few months.

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