Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Claiming "Veteran" for Beer...

One of The Man's friends was just telling us he was at some bar the other night and this guy was saying he was a Marine just back from Iraq...and getting free drinks all night. The Man's friend started to question him -where he was, who he was with, etc. and the guy was getting all flustered and annoyed. After the guy left someone came in that knew him and confirmed the guy had never been out of Pennsylvania, let alone in iraq. I guess this is a new beer scam...

"...A 23-year-old man who police say ran up $4,000 in bar bills after falsely claiming he was an Iraq war veteran faces arraignment on Cape Cod.

Management at Pufferbellies in Hyannis says Christopher Lee Proe was allowed to write personal checks over five nights in August after telling staff he wanted to celebrate his safe return from Iraq and honor the memory of fallen comrades.

The checks turned out to bogus. Proe was tracked down last Friday at a Yarmouth home.

Pufferbellies general manager Mike Travers says Proe took advantage of the club's policy of giving military personnel special treatment.

Barnstable Police Sergeant John Murphy says Proe has outstanding warrants from three states, including for impersonating a police officer in Ohio and failing to register as a sex offender in Indiana..." (source)

See, the USMC made a mistake...this is where (now banned) tattoos could come in handy. How many of you have met a Marine that doesn't have proof inked somewhere on his skin ;)

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