Friday, September 07, 2007

Back To School Dilemmas

First DaySomeone told me on my 21st birthday that from that day on time would start to fly by at a disturbing pace. I laughed them off. I wish I could remember who it was because they couldn't have been more right on. I feel like that birthday just past but somehow I have a first and third grader, my niece is almost one and I'm on the downward slope to 40... Stop the bus, I want to get off!

School started Wednesday (that's them getting off the bus at the end of the day) and yesterday we got a letter detailing this years "snack guidelines":

1) Only healthy snacks that are low in sugar content
2) Nothing that needs to be eaten with utensils
3) Nothing with peanuts or tree nuts (or processed in a plant that makes anything with peanuts or tree nuts).

So...cookies, cupcakes and pies are out. Chips aren't too healthy so I guess they're out. Yogurt and cottage cheese are healthy, but you need utensils for those so they're out. Breakfast bars, granola bars and trail mix all very healthy...but inevitable have some sort of nuts or nut residue. I'm at a loss here. Besides carrot sticks (which have basically no nutritionally value and aren't filling at all) what can I send...? Suggestions?

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