Wednesday, September 26, 2007

As Priceless as the "Two Americas"

Edwards complains about the "two Americas" from his mansion and now he placates the masses with talk of "frivolous lawsuits" --of course after he made all his money as a trial lawyer. I'd love to have a look at his past cases...

"...Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards, who made his fortune as a trial lawyer, says attorneys should have to show their medical malpractice cases have merit before filing them.
He also said attorneys with a history of frivolous suits should be barred from filing new cases.

Edwards' proposal is similar to "certificates of merit" laws that have been adopted in several states in recent years. Those laws usually require that an independent doctor assert the validity of a malpractice case before it is filed.

Speaking Monday at a health care forum hosted by Families USA and the Kaiser Foundation, Edwards also said that while reducing malpractice lawsuits, as many have advocated, is a good idea, it won't significantly affect health care costs.

"I do want to push back some on what I think is mostly insurance company-driven hysteria because I think the reality is that the cost associated with legal cases is well under 1 percent of our legal system," the former North Carolina senator said.

Before a lawyer files a malpractice lawsuit, he ought to be required to have two experts certify that the case is both meritorious and serious, Edwards said..." (source)

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