Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Are You "Doomed for Divorce"?

Apparently it comes down to these five questions:

1) Have you attended college? (If yes, risk decreases by 13%)
Yes: 1pt.

2) Is your annual income over $50K? (If yes, risk decreases by 30%)
Yes: 4 pts.

3) Do you have a religious affiliation? (If yes, risk decreases by 14%)
Yes: 1 pt.

4) Are your parents still married? (If yes, risk decreases by 14%)
Yes: 1 pt.

5) Where you married after the age of 25? (If yes, risk decreases by 24%)
Yes: 3 pts.

**If you scored less than 4 pts. you are "doomed for divorce"
**If you scored between 5-7 you might have a chance with hard work
**If you scored between 8-10 you'll probably make it

Of course all this research was done by Cosmopolitan magazine --right along side this month's sex tips from take it as you will.

I scored a 9 and The Man scored a 7, so I guess we're okay; but they don't tell you what it means if one person gets a 10 and the other a 1...

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