Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Are Hoffa's Teamsters and the Sierra Club Racists?

When the right makes moves to stop illegal immigration because of national security risks and job preservation we are labeled racists and Latino haters...but now that Mexicans might infringe on Teamster pocketbooks the story changes...

"...The plan to let Mexican trucks operate throughout the United States has prompted a war of words and legal papers between the Bush administration and Jim Hoffa, the president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters.

Hoffa and his allies at the Sierra Club and Public Citizen have sued in federal court to stop the government from issuing permits to Mexican freight haulers. Their lawyers argued in court that Mexican trucks pose a danger on the roads and threaten increased human and drug smuggling.

"Dangerous trucks should not be driving all the way from Mexico to Maine and Minnesota," said Hoffa in a prepared statement. "What is it about safety and national security that George Bush doesn't understand?" advertisement

The government argued that stopping the trucks would unsettle a key trading partner in Mexico and delay U.S.trucks from operating south of the border. Officials insist that a lengthy pre-inspection of Mexican firms has resulted in strict safety standards and compliance with congressional mandates..." (source)

I think I'll be in favor of this one. If they're allowed to cherry pick issues that directlt effect them for their outrage, then I'm going to share the same level of maturity.

And all this while Spain is putting straitjackets on their illegals...

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