Thursday, August 09, 2007

Wrong Response...Again

In a perfect world, the response from Muslims and Islamic States to Tom Tancredo's "blow up Mecca" suggestion would have been, "we'll do everything in our power to make sure another attack on Americans doesn't happen again" or "We're using all of our resources to silence radical imams and madrasas
". I don't know, something, anything that took a modicum of responsibility. Something that showed they understood the spirit of the statement... That they comprehended that it is their religion that has caused havoc for the past 20+ years.

But, I guess in a perfect world a religion that sought to kill others because they didn't believe wouldn't exist in the first place.

What was the response on the Arab street, you ask?

"...The treasury and opposition members in National Assembly (NA) Wednesday have made it clear on US that one billion Muslims will turn into suicide bombers if the holiest places of Makkah and Madina are attacked and warned Vetican City will not remain secure if any such threat is materialized.

They said this unanimously while participating in debate on foreign policy. Opposition legislator Ghulam Murtaza Satti said US was pursuing double standards. Those talking of launching any military offensive against Makkah and Medina are accursed. This will not happen nor will we allow it to happen.

Treasury member Ejaz Chaudhry said US was not friend of any one. " We will teach the lesson to US if it dares to come forward to attack upon us. Americans are coward nation and they can do nothing. Army should not target their brethren. US aid is like killer disease AIDS We curse it. The whole nation does not want US aid. Those who are targeting humanity and justice are terrorists. Those who are engaged in freedom war are freedom fighters. US ship is close to sink. It is hurling threats like a coward.

He demanded president and prime minister should stop holding any talk with junior US officials like Richard Boucher. "If US dared to hatch unholy conspiracy to attack Makkah and Medina then one billion Muslims will become suicide bombers and I will also be among them", he added... (source)

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